Playing Stud Casino Slot Online Poker with Cyndy Violette

In Stud Casino Slot Online High you have to pay attention to having a decent starting hand, calculating pot odds thoroughly, reading your opponents and finding the right spot for stealing the bring in and the antes. The following example was played against one of the most known female poker players: Cyndy Violette.

The above mentioned Casino Slot Online game was $2/$4 Stud High with $0,40 ante and 8 players. The player with 3c brought in for $0,50, Cyndy Violette (from now on Cyndy) called with a 7c, the next 4 players deposited for a total of $3,50. The player with 3h made a $1 bet. Everyone else folded.

CYNTHIA WANTS TO GO ALL IN. She has $9,20, Cyndy Violette’s the player in first position and brought in for $1,20.

JENNY FROST: $1,200, Jilly Riches (from now on Jilly) called with a Casino Slot Online $1,000 bet. The next bet was $2,20. It was standard bet. Then a raise to $4,40, which made everyone else fold once again.

The last player showed hand for $4,80, which was the limit hand. Jilly Riches showed the $1,700 Bet Confidence Johnny. This was the time when I realized that Johnny was too aggressive even Casino Slot Online for $1,700 bet.

Arnolds face was turning a shade of red. I could not figure out his strategy. Then he mucked. Then came the 4th hand, a 2-7 off suit. Arnolds was still confident and he Casino Slot Online bet $10,000.

Johnny re-raised to $50,000. Arnolds went all-in. Johnny called. The flop was another 2-7. Arnolds had a spade flush with 2 clubs. Johnny had a spade-high flush. Arnolds had 2 clubs-high flush. Johnny had a 3-high flush. arranges to have 4 players fold. The cards turned over were Js , 7h, and 4c. It was a disaster for Arnold.

He had a great chance of being the Casino Slot Online player with the best hand, but he got unlucky and had a pretty useless hand. There was no point in losing such a large amount of money. I reported to the tournament director, and requested to be moved to another table. Unfortunately the Director thought I was being reckless and wasn’t giving enough attention to the Casino Slot Online game, and gave me a verbal warning.

The Director took me aside and said that I was being too disciplined. I denied this and said that I would never start arguments with the Casino Slot Online players, if I could help it. He got really angry and told me that if I moved to another table he would give me a red card and I would never see his tournament again.

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This made me realize that the only thing I had to be afraid of was not being able to drive. I got screenshot of this particular hand and showed the Director the hand history. In this particular hand Johnny had 2 clubs and Cyndy Violette has 3 diamonds. “It’s amazing you are still playing after that one,” he said. “I’m not,” I retorted. “That hand should never have been played,” the Director said. “Don’t be so gullible.” “I don’t understand what is so difficult about understanding simple theory?” I asked. “You should understand that in order to understand something, you have to actually see it,” he said. “Look at this,” he showed me a table where the betting had stopped and there were a number of empty places. “This is the result of a very aggressive play,” he said. “Now, let’s look at what happens next.” “What happens next?” I asked. “You will see that the players after me fold and then the players after them also fold,” the Director said. “This is what happens when you bet so aggressively.” “But, it didn’t change anything,” I insisted. “It changed the whole nature of the game for everyone,” he said. “Casino Online Terpercaya Deposit Rendah Players folds, players stay, players raise. It’s all psychologically Aggression.” “It’s all psychology Aggression,” I shouted. “We’re playing poker! We’re playing psychological poker. What about reading your opponent? That’s what winning poker is all about.” “You have to learn to read people at a very fast and quick scope,” he said. “And, you need to be able to read people faster than the blink of an eye.”